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I now put each category of the gallery onto the main page.
Everytime someone posts new stuff in any category, this will be shown on the mainpage after some time.
That way, all of you should get more visites, watchers,... .
Hope I did you a favour with that ;)
We are a little worried that nobody of the contributers has submit art yet.

If somebody have problems to submit art and/or add to the gallery it would be cool to become a note.

~ Sarah
Hello artists, I am working on building up this group every day now.
The inviting procedure goes a bit slow because I can only invite about 20 people at the same time. (Maximum number of pending invitations)
I am going to speed things up a bit trying to preferr inviting the more active ones.
I hope for your patience.
At the moment you can hardly see art here, but this is going to change. Technincal baby-group difficulties.
I hope we can become one of the famous TG communities. Creating a new group is always a challenge. Special if there many other TG groups already exist. Viola, the founder of this group has make me to her co-founder and i`m hoping that my little support is helpful.

I have some older commission works from me added to this group. Several Artist had made this works in the past for me.  Sadly i have no own talent for pencil drawing or handle with poser. That`s why i`m ordering commissions.

We hope to see in the next days a few entries of the contributers.

Thanks for reading this and welcome again to WorldofTG-Group

Best regards,

Hello artists,
I now began inviting artists that did very good TG works to join this group as contributors. Although I am doing this very selective, I reached the maximum number of pending invitations. If you can have a look at those invitiations and discover some, you don't think of fitting in here, please tell me. This group is also meant to be community and democracy controlled.
I changed the rules for you in the admin area yesterday (GMT+1), so you should be able to post art from now on.

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